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Routine maintenance on your HVAC equipment can keep your unit ahead of the game. Checkups from our experts will keep you on track for tune ups and adjustments, prolonging the life of the equipment and enhancing performance, which in turn keeps your energy bills low. And, our diagnostic procedures indicate when a part is likely or soon to fail, so that it can be replaced before it causes any problems.

For added convenience, and for your peace of mind, we offer a Preventative Maintenance Service Plan, providing you with a discounted rate for pre-paid annual maintenance. This maintenance is highly recommended by all HVAC manufacturers, and promotes equipment efficiency and longevity. We offer Planned Service for almost all units, which is available for multiple years (the more years you sign up for, the bigger the discount) and renewable prior to expiration. Our Preventative Maintenance Plan members receive priority status in our database (in an emergency, you are bumped to the front of the line), plus a 15% discount on all parts/labor for repairs.

Call TechniCool Heating and Refrigeration, your local HVAC contractor, today to schedule preventative maintenance for your existing furnace, air conditioner, heat pump or boilers and maintain equipment efficiency.

Fixing an Air Conditioner
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